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  • Kari’s Favorite Knots

    Kari’s favorite two knots; the quilters knot and tailor’s knot.

    Kari’s favorite thread to hand sew whimsy & rickrack flowers, beads & more! -

  • What Are Whimsy Sticks

    Whimsy Sticks are tools used to make playful and precise loops that can easily transform fabric and ribbons into unique flowers and trims.
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  • Mitering Spaghetti

    This except from the Spaghetti Outlined Appliqué series shows how to miter a corner using spaghetti bias and Kari’s secret weapon, Roxanne’s Glue Baste-it!
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  • Tying the Perfect Bow

    Here's how to tie the perfect bow!

  • Close-up Look at the Love Bug Booties

    A closer look at the Love Bug Baby Bootie and Headband kit. sent in Classic Sewing magazine Spring 2018. Flower and trim making demos coming for club members.

  • Sew Sizes & Add Labels to Garments

    Free Kari Me Away labels are sent with each order you place at Kari shows how to embroidered these labels with a size in this free video.